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Host your event at our Roots + Wings Creative Campus! Look to us to help find a creative way to celebrate.

Birthday celebrations for kids

We typically schedule children's birthday celebrations (ages 3 and up) on Saturdays and Sundays.  We are able to schedule on other days of the week when schedules allow.  We customize individual projects with your child's help for everyone at the celebration to make and take home.  We also do a collaborative work of art with all the children in attendance that the birthday girl/boy can take home with them! 

Our celebrations are 2 hours long.  We split the time between making time and play/eating/celebrating birthday time.   Your last hour of celebrating does include access to our outdoor playground space if desired!  Host parents are welcome to bring food and drink to share with the party attendees.  We allow 15 minutes of set up and clean up on either side of the 2 hour window. 

$25 non-refundable reservation fee

$200 minimum cost for up to 8 children, $25 per each additional child (or adult participants) Maximum of 16

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celebrations for adults:  Birthdays, Wedding or Bridal Showers, girls weekends + more!

Gather your friends or family and spend a few hours creating together!  All of our programming is available for any combination of ages, abilities and group sizes.  Groups are welcome to bring drinks and/or food  to add to the event!  Our adult celebrations can be adapted for many situations:

  • Birthdays

  • Girls / Boys Nights Out

  • Weekend Conferences / Retreats

  • Pre or Post-Wedding Events

We can create a FULLY customized experience (meeting with you to choose mediums, subjects, themes, etc), or If choices are better you can choose from the following projects: 

  • Printmaking: Participants will create individual collograph plates, and print them onto multiple surfaces, including one large collaborative materials for the host to keep!

  • Collage, chalk and encaustic: Participants will create individual mixed media works using collage and chalk pastel, with a final coat of encaustic wax medium.

  • Altered books: Participants will work with a collection of old books to cut, tear, drill and otherwise alter them into a new state of 3-dimensional sculpture!

  • NONE of the above project require ANY previous artistic experience...ANYONE can do this!!!!

Hosts can bring food and drink and enjoy celebrating together.  2 to 4 hour reservation time slots with group costs listed below:  (call us for larger group pricing)

$25 non-refundable reservation fee

2 hours - $35 per person (2-8 people) / $25 (9-20 people)

3 hours - $40 per person (2-8 people) / $30 (9-20 people)

4 hours - $45 per person (2-8 people) / $35 (9-20 people)

If you are looking for a one-on-one custom lesson, please visit our Art + Design Studios page and scroll on down to read about customized options! 


We love helping to support solid causes and are always willing to go the extra mile.  Come to us to help put together a making event that can raise money for your organization.

$25 non-refundable reservation fee

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Lectures and Literary Readings

Our Creative Campus spaces are the perfect setting for a focused lecture or reading.  We have a 70″ screen available for images, video or internet if necessary, as well as multiple rooms to choose from!

$25 non-refundable reservation fee

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