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connecting the ANDs

yes and no - with and without - old and new - to and from - some and none - near and far

In the space between words lies the connection, and in that connection is the power to transform, connect and build. The connecting the ANDs project is an evolving entity encompassing art, discussion and community building that spans the distances between us.

connecting the ANDs in Asheville - a collaborative self portrait

connecting the ANDs in Asheville - a collaborative self portrait

At Roots + Wings we believe in connecting people across all aspects of life:
and of all ages
and ethnicities
and religions
and genders

Through the universal language of art, building and impacting relationships new and old.  

We accomplish this in many ways, and are constantly learning, growing and figuring out new ways to connect across our local community and the globe. Here are some ways outreach is happening at Roots + Wings.

Connect with us below if you would like to be involved!!

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connecting the ANDs community classes

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Our Roots + Wings outreach team offers Community Classes as one more way to connect with our local community, offering space and time between groups of people that for one reason or another, do not get a chance to spend much time together.

We work with numerous non-profit organizations to create opportunities, including Children First Communities in Schools, YWCA of Asheville, OpenDoors Asheville, Eliada, Arts for Life, Open Hearts and more.

connecting the ANDs creativity camps


We also create opportunities for children from multiple organizations to come together for Creativity Camps. An example of a recent collaboration was with children from Arts For Life (art education for pediatric patients), Eliada (supporting high risk children and adolescents) and Roots + Wings. These camps offer opportunities to connect and inspire joy in each other through both individual and collaborative works. Like our other series, each of the participants receive a set of postcards of their collaborative work, with the simple goal that they will then send the postcards to friends and family - spreading our collective stories even further.

Read about our GRACE EATON SCHOLARSHIP FUND that helps support our connecting the ANDs community classes and creativity camps!

connecting the ANDs
collaborative community portraits

A collaborative community portrait from the Creative Intervention at The Center for Craft in Asheville, NC

A collaborative community portrait from the Creative Intervention at The Center for Craft in Asheville, NC

Collaborative Community Portraits can take many forms.  They are collaborative works created by groups of people at private events, public events, family gatherings, festivals, staff retreats, weddings -  you name it. We can use photography, collage, drawing, painting, stamping, writing, image transfers and more. Participants position and glue their ‘portrait’ into the provided background (either a large sheet of archival quality paper, or painted board).  The provided background will have a layer of colored chalk already on it, ready to receive additional layers. Each Community Portrait is a real-time collaborative art work. The finished piece will reflect the interaction of attendees and the space in which the event is held.

The finished work can be  varnished, framed or photographed and printed. As always, the work will be professionally photographed and made into postcards for those involved to send out into the world to connect beyond their own community.

3-4 hours together total (ginger chalks paper beforehand)
Starts at $960  / Scale 30” x 44”
available for wide spectrum of participants from 20+ people up to hundreds
(ginger photographs original and has permission to reproduce)

Email me to discuss your event, individual project and pricing.

connecting the ANDs talk with our hands series

During the summer of 2018 we held a 4-part series of open discussion forums and community collaborative art making sessions at various locations in Asheville. Each session featured a guest speaker and topics include Racial Equity, LGBTQ Equality, Interfaith Connections, and Immigration Reform. Participants were invited to share, listen and create in a judgement-free zone. The resulting artworks serves as a reminder of how creative activity bridges gaps in experience, knowledge and understanding.

The series of pieces created from these collaborative making sessions will be made into a postcard set, and sold through Roots + Wings to help fund our Grace Eaton Scholarship Fund.

March 13: LGBTQ Equality @ Firestorm Books, 7-9pm  COMPLETED

April 10: Racial Equity @ Habitat Tavern 7-9pm  COMPLETED

May 15: Interfaith Connections @ R+W Creative Campus 7-9pm  COMPLETED

June 12: Immigration Reform @ YWCA of Asheville 7-9pm COMPLETED

connecting the ANDs projects + workshops with ginger

connecting the ANDs in Cuba

connecting the ANDs in Cuba

The connecting the ANDs projects name (a thriving, multi-disciplinary adventure drawing together participants near and far) was originally developed by Ginger Huebner, our R+W Founding Director. She believes that understanding only comes through real connection.  As a visual artist with a background in architecture and education, Ginger’s art practice thrives on dialogue.  Her investigation has created a substantial body of work that examines the fragments of experience, place and circumstance that combine to create the essence of identity. Ginger’s architecture foundation - specifically the practice of working closely with clients in the creative process - and her training as an educator have steered her towards using her art practice as a conduit between communities, exploring and bridging the spaces between us.

connecting the ANDs currently manifests in the following modes through ginger:

Collaborative Traveling Art Projects
Self Portraits
Collaborative Family Portraits
Custom Commissions

Learn more about Ginger Huebner - Artist. Educator. Collaborator. Consultant. Seeker of love AND light, hope AND peace. simplicity AND connection. Holding one another up in the ANDs - and how her work weaves in and out from her studio to Roots + Wings and back.