Community + Outreach

Our Mission

In the space between words lies the connection, and in that connection is the power to transform, connect and build. The connecting the ANDs projects, the Grace Eaton Scholarship Fund, and Think BIG Mentorships are part of a continually evolving entity encompassing art, discussion and community building that spans the distances between us. We strive to make empowering arts education accessible in all communities across Asheville through weekly or monthly art and design programming with various after-school partners and nonprofits serving marginalized youth.

We Believe

At Roots + Wings we believe in connecting people across all aspects of life through the universal language of art, building and impacting relationships new and old. We accomplish this in many ways, and are constantly learning, growing and figuring out new ways to connect across our local community and the globe.

1. We believe that all youth deserve equal access to arts education and enrichment.

2. We believe that young artists are critical to the beauty, economy, and creative spirit of Asheville and should be encouraged and supported.. We believe that promoting creative work as a viable career option will enhance the future of Asheville’s creative growth.

3. We believe that all students deserve a nurturing and safe space to express themselves, the opportunity to explore and trust their unique creative instincts, and the freedom to make their own choices.

4. We believe fostering creative expression promotes early development in problem solving, critical thinking, cognitive concepts, social interaction.

5. We believe building relationships and trust among various communities in Asheville will in turn strengthen our city as a larger, more inclusive place to live.

Our Programs

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