connecting the ANDs

yes and no - with and without - old and new - to and from - some and none - near and far

In the space between words lies the connection, and in that connection is the power to transform, connect and build. The connecting the ANDs project is an evolving entity encompassing art, discussion and community building that spans the distances between us.

  connecting the ANDs in Asheville - a collaborative self portrait

connecting the ANDs in Asheville - a collaborative self portrait

It is our hope that this project will connect people across all aspects of life:
and of all ages
and ethnicities
and religions
and genders

Through the universal language of art, building and impacting relationships new and old.  

In her connecting the ANDs project (a thriving, multi-disciplinary adventure drawing together participants near and far) Ginger Huebner, our R+W Founding Director, proposes that understanding only comes through real connection.  As a visual artist with a background in architecture and education, Ginger’s art practice thrives on dialogue.  Her investigation has created a substantial body of work that examines the fragments of experience, place and circumstance that combine to create the essence of identity. Ginger’s architecture foundation - specifically the practice of working closely with clients in the creative process - and her training as an educator have steered her towards using her art practice as a conduit between communities, exploring and bridging the spaces between us. 

Ginger is available for on-site collaborative art sessions for individuals or groups looking to connect with their own stories, or with the stories of the people around them. In what is a truly transformative process, Ginger guides participants with her visual language into a better understanding of themselves.  Site-specific projects, team building and conflict resolution workshops are intensive events with a profound impact. Ginger can also devise collaborative art-making projects for business events and retreats, conventions, workplace training and professional development scenarios.

In addition to bespoke collaborative art making experiences, connecting the ANDs currently manifests in the following modes:

creating CHANGE series

collaborative traveling art project

self / family / community portraits

classes and creativity camps

Read about our GRACE EATON SCHOLARSHIP FUND that helps support our connecting the ANDs classes and camps!

Learn more about Ginger Huebner. Artist. Collaborator. Educator. Consultant. Seeker of love AND light, hope AND peace. simplicity AND connection. Holding one another up in the ANDs.

  connecting the ANDs in Cuba

connecting the ANDs in Cuba