Elementary After School Community Design Lab

Roots + Wings After-school Community Design Lab program is built on an interdisciplinary, project- driven curriculum that provides a unique, creative alternative to conventional after-school care for elementary students. We provide students with opportunities to engage their potential through innovation, critical thinking, and community enrichment through a variety of ways:

  • We provide a safe, nurturing, creative environment for all students.
  • We work with students to learn about various creative disciplines as well as what is beyond the walls of their schools; teaching students how to find better, collective solutions to community problems through creative experimentation.
  • We build on academic skills—mathematics, history, science—and help apply those skills to real life.
  • We believe that problem-solving starts with listening and understanding.
  • We engage students in community projects that help connecting with neighborhood history builds social capital and pride for our communal spaces, along with leadership and civic responsibility.

Program Locations

If a program is marked FULL, you may get on the wait-list by following the REGISTRATION FEE option below.

Roots + Wings Creative Campus
(2:30- 5:30pm, M-F)

Located at our Creative Campus in Oakley, this location hosts students from any local school in grades K-5.  (students from Oakley Elementary school can ride a BCS school bus to campus) 

Claxton Elementary Location 
(2:30- 5:30pm, M-F)

Located and open to students at Claxton Elementary school.  This location is full

Vance Elementary Location 
(2:30 - 5:30pm, M-F)

Located and open to students at Vance Elementary school.  This location is full, BUT students on our wait-list for Vance can attend at Asheville Primary School location with bus transportation daily from Vance through ACS. 

asheville primary school
(2:30- 5:30pm, M-F)

Located at the new Asheville Primary School, this location hosts students from Asheville Primary, Hall Fletcher and Vance Elementary

Typical Afternoon

Snack time and time outdoors transitions students from the school day into our “Innovation Hour.” It is during this time that our instructors engage students in our custom curriculum integrating projects from a variety of disciplines, including dance, music, writing, visual art, design, language, and movement / sports. Our Roots + Wings teachers provide wonderful opportunities to engage community issues and people in the form of volunteers and college students. The final hour is reserved for homework and free time (in or outside).

Paying it Forward

We give a percentage of the enrollment fees back to each host school’s Parent Teacher Organization.  At Vance, all of our almost $4000 per year goes toward grants for teachers!


$40 yearly registration fee per student (non-refundable)

Monthly Tuition

$135 / month – 2 days per week

$200 / month – 3 days per week

$265 / month – 4 days per week

$330 / month – 5 days per week

Your monthly tuition will remain the entire school year (with the exception of pro-rating in June) because certain months have more weeks than others and it all balances out – even with all of the holidays.  For example, we will not be paying a prorated August amount, because we will add that week into December when we have three weeks instead of four.  So no matter what days your child comes, your rate will be the same all year until our last month of June of 2017. 

The above tuition costs do not cover the full cost for Early Release Days, Teacher Workdays or Snow days. On these days we will offer care will be first come first served and pre-registration is required. These alternative care days are open to students enrolled at any of our locations as well as other students in the community, but will take place ONLY at our Creative Campus location.

Snow days depend on how we are able to get our campus ready for everyone as well as if our own morning programs are running.  If we can offer a full day we will, otherwise it may be a half day.  Stay in touch with us on our weather page!!

EARLY RELEASE — 12:00pm-5:30pm

Currently enrolled student—$15 per child
(Cost accounts for the afternoon already covered by monthly tuition)

Child not currently enrolled—$30 per child
(Child will need to fill out registration and liability forms)

FULL DAY — 8:30am-5:30pm

Currently enrolled student—$30 per child
(Cost accounts for the afternoon already covered by monthly tuition)

Child not currently enrolled—$50 per child
(Child will need to fill out registration and liability forms)


Our After-school programs follow the Buncombe County and Asheville City School Year Calendar. We are able to provide care during early release, teacher work days, and some snow days on a first come basis.  Space is limited and reservations for your child are required.  

NEW this year! 

PLEASE read below to see where your child might attend Early Release and Full Day care.

Early Release Days (12:00-5:30pm)
Students in our R+W Creative Campus location will ride the bus to the R+W Creative Campus, or if being dropped off, can arrive as early at 12:30pm.

Students at Vance, Claxton and Asheville Primary will stay on campus for Early Release days.

Full Teacher Workdays (8:30-5:30pm)
Students from all of our programs will use our Asheville Primary School location - 441 Haywood Road, Asheville NC28806

Full Teacher Workdays for students at our R+W Creative Campus location that DO NOT coincide with Asheville City Schools - students can join us at the R+W Creative Campus (8:30-5:30pm)

For ANY of these days (even if your child is currently registered)
You must register your child for these days ahead of time through the Simply Afterschool site.  There is no payment at registration, we will invoice the email used to register.  Space is limited in each location.

register here for ANY and ALL early release and full teacher workdays



STEP 1:  REGISTRATION FEE!  To begin registration, our $40 registration fee is due to hold the student's place.  This registration fee is a yearly fee for all students and is non-refundable and is due July 1st.  Click on the button below to create an account for your child and pay the registration fee. You will be asked to create an account for your child.  Under the 'Classes' heading you will see each of our After-school locations, please select the correct location. 


STEP 2:  FORMS + INFORMATION!  If you are registering as a new student and we have never communicated with you, please email us at alice@rootsandwingsarts.com and we will be in touch with the rest of our forms and information!

STEP 3:  TUITION PAYMENTS  Once registered, we will set your family up on our invoice schedule.  The first tuition payment is due August 1st for any new school year.  This cannot be refunded after August 15th if a family has a shift in schedule.  Tuition is due by the first of each month.  Late fees will begin to be applied after the 3rd day of the month.  Parents will receive an invoice for all payments due, and will pay through these invoices.  You may choose to use a credit card or bank account.   Payments in full for the entire school will receive a 5% discount if made by July 1st for fall enrollment of that year. 


We offer rolling admission throughout the year. If you are interested in this current school year or next, please contact us at alice@rootsandwingsarts.com to see if there is room and/or to put your child on our waiting list for the following year.  We typically solidify next years enrollment in May of the current school year.

Our Pick up time is 5:30pm at all locations - and unless efforts have been made to communicate a specific problem in arriving on time - we will be forced to charge a $10 per 10-minute fee for late pickup penalty beyond 5:30.  It will automatically be added to your next invoice.

One month’s notice is required to withdraw your child from our program without payment penalty. If one month prior is not possible, a full or partial tuition refund may be given if extenuating circumstances require your child to be withdrawn from our program. All refund requests will be considered on an individual basis.

Connect with us below with questions about our After-School Community Design Lab Programs!

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