Grace Eaton Scholarship Fund

Dedicated to a late and loved Roots + Wings teaching artist, Grace brought hope, confidence, and peace to her students and encouraged them to take risks and stay curious.

 Grace teaching at our After-school Community Design Lab program at Claxton Elementary School in 2016

Grace teaching at our After-school Community Design Lab program at Claxton Elementary School in 2016

our amazing grace

The team at Roots + Wings School of Art and Design is reaching out to our community, asking for help in providing children with opportunities for creative growth and a brighter future.  In our 21st century society, creative design and innovative problem-solving skills are becoming more valuable and necessary in the classroom and the modern workforce.  Without proper avenues for creative exploration, most students begin to doubt themselves as innovative thinkers or worry only about getting the right answer.  Roots + Wings School of Art and Design provides opportunities for this type of creative growth by encouraging and developing the unique gifts in every student, from preschool through high school and beyond.

As you may know Roots + Wings School of Art and Design nurtures and encourages the natural creativity within students of all ages through innovative design, dynamic art education and community collaboration.  Our students are encouraged to think critically, take risks, and to embrace their individuality.  Roots + Wings programming teaches students to remain open-minded during experiences that are new to them and to be confident in their creative vision.  Experiences like these provide our students with unique educational foundations to build upon during their futures in higher education and eventually in the Asheville workforce.

We currently have many families interested in our programs, but who cannot afford it.  Over the years, Roots + Wings has provided several families with sponsorships to attend our programs, but the time has come to reach out to our community in order to strengthen it.  We are reaching out to individuals, families and community partners to help us financially support families who desire a more dynamic and unique education option for their children.  With your help as Roots + Wings Ambassadors, we will be able to share more of what we have to offer with the greater Asheville community.  With your help, we can equip the future of our community with the confidence and creativity it will take to keep it bright and open-minded for years to come.

Your gift to this fund will not only assist a future Roots + Wings family in their education needs, but it will also assist Grace’s family in their time of loss as well as her son’s, Atticus’, future goals. 

The Grace Eaton Scholarship Fund will benefit our programs that bring creative education opportunities to the children of Asheville, including our Visual Arts Preschool, After-School Community Design Lab, and INNOVATION HOUR™.

The Roots + Wings Visual Arts Preschool is a school year program that fosters creativity and promotes early development in problem solving, critical thinking, cognitive concepts, social interaction and increased physical health through art-making and the exploration of the world’s many forms of visual art and design.

The Roots + Wings After-School Community Design Lab Programs—offered at Claxton and Vance Elementary, and the R+W Creative Campus —engage students in academics, critical thinking and innovation through principles of art and design, community enrichment and culture, while providing a vital need of care after school hours.

The Roots + Wings INNOVATION HOUR™ is a free program for public school students during the school day which brings problem solving and independent thinking into the classroom through the tools of art and design to every student at a school through 1+ hour long experiences in their classroom during the school day.  Each experience has been created to connect with National Common Core standards, teaching 21st Century skills like innovation, collaboration, and critical thinking.
Our unique programming provides a creative foundation for students to build their futures upon.  By supporting Roots + Wings families via the Grace Eaton Scholarship Fund, Roots + Wings Ambassadors enhance the lives of individual students as well as invest in the future of our community as a whole.  Roots + Wings Ambassadors can direct their gifts to the Grace Eaton Scholarship Fund to the Roots + Wings program(s) of their choice or they can let us direct the funds to where we believe they are needed the most.

Thank you for considering a gift to the Grace Eaton Scholarship Fund.  We are setting aside 15% of all that is given to be gifted directly to Grace's family.

We are open to creative partnerships and to any ideas you or your staff may have to help us raise funds to further our pursuit to bring innovative arts education Asheville’s youth.  If you would like to learn more about our programs , please contact Ginger Huebner at 828.545.4827 or


Remember we will be setting aside 15% of all that is given each year for Grace's family.  If you would like to specify the rest of your sponsorship to a specific program please let us know when you complete the online payment form or on a note in your mailed in contribution.  (Visual Arts Preschool, After-school CDL, or the INNOVATION HOUR™)!

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exclusive note card sets

We now offer three sets of notecards featuring reproductions of Grace's exclusive artwork.  Roots + Wings believes in the power of the hand-written note, and using these cards for your communication doubles that power by supporting the Grace Eaton Scholarship fund.  This note card set includes 3 folded note cards, blank inside for your personal message, each measuring 4.25" X 5.5", and three envelopes, all hand tied together with twine, perfect for gift-giving. Gift cards will be shipped within one day of purchase and are available for pickup at the Creative Campus.