Curriculum Package
for teachers and schools

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what is included

Grade Level Curriculum Guides

Teachers will gain access to three detailed curriculum guides per grade level.  All curriculum guides include specific standards connections, images, tools and materials and book lists.  These guides serve as examples of starting points for teachers to explore new tools, materials and teaching methods, while continuing to engage students in the required curriculum. 


Professional Development Workshops

Offered at our Roots + Wings Creative Campus or video conference, these hands on workshops inspire teachers with hands on experimentation with the art and design tools and techniques used to implement the curriculum experiences.  These opportunities not only offer teachers more methods to use in their classrooms, but nourish them in the process.  It's a win win!


School Tool Kit

Built from the materials list of each INNOVATION HOUR™ project experience, the school tool kit includes a beginning set of tools and materials for teachers to design, create and innovate right in their own classrooms. 


To keep one another inspired, participants in our INNOVATION HOUR™ curriculum package will have access to our online INNOVATION HOUR™ community where teachers can share past projects, brainstorm ideas, and be inspired to continue growing their creative classrooms!

non-exclusive license options

Our option costs are listed by number of teachers participating in using the  INNOVATION HOUR™ project experiences at your school.


4 - 12 teachers

btwn $320 - $960 / year   [$80 per classroom/year]
1 professional dev workshop
tool kit

13 - 24 TEACHERS

btwn $715 - $1,320 / year   [$55 per classroom/year]
2 professional dev workshops
tool kit


$1,000 + / year   [$40 per classroom/year]
3 professional dev workshops
tool kit

students learning about our facial muscles...

Funding and More...

We know schools have to fight harder than ever before to keep creative programs in classrooms. 

We will do our best to make sure that cost never prevents a school from participating.  We can help create grant applications in partnership with school PTOs, connect with community partners and help present the INNOVATION HOUR™ Curriculum Package materials in meetings to help make it happen at your school!


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