Cultivating Creativity, Innovation,
Problem-solving and STEAM in classrooms everywhere.

welcome to the INNOVATION HOUR™

The Roots + Wings INNOVATION HOUR™ is a customized, hands on, experiential curriculum that brings problem solving and independent thinking into classrooms.  Using the tools of art and design, lessons directly connect and enhance required curriculum concepts.  Experiences vary greatly from expressing voices visually in Language Arts through “Words Alive” in 1st grade, mapping angles artistically with the “Art of Angles” in 4th grade, or solidifying Science knowledge through “Human Body Systems Maps” in 5th grade. 

Each experience has been created to weave into the National Standards, teaching 21st Century STEAM skills including innovation, collaboration, & critical thinking.  The Innovation Hour™ is a comprehensive program for teachers that weaves creativity into their classrooms – all while connecting to the required curriculum.

Click here to read more about WHY creativity in education is important for schools and teachers!

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HOw does the INNOVATION HOUR™ work?

The Innovation Hour™ program offers teachers lesson plans, tool kits, but most importantly, hands on workshops allowing students to experience a variety of creative tools to help them directly correlate Common Core requirements with art and design activities.  It is not an 'extra' layer, it is simply a way of teaching that nourishes not only the students, but the teachers. 

This program drives engagement with all students, and fosters an inclusive and dynamic class environment, making STEAM concepts accessible to a more complete spectrum of students.

The Innovation Hour™ program is now available as a certified professional development course for education professionals and institutions.  Click here to read more about professional development opportunities.

The opportunities span from pre-k into middle school and the possibilities are endless!

Bring the INNOVATION HOUR™ to your school!

INNOVATION HOURSingle Experience: 
We have the ability to do single INNOVATION HOUR™ experiences at your school.  Your teacher can choose from our curriculum, or have us develop a unique experience from something the class is learning about.  These one-time experiences cost $200 and are limited to the local Asheville area.

INNOVATION HOUR Curriculum Package: 
We would love to teach every INNOVATION HOUR™ ourselves, but we also recognize that providing classroom teachers access to our curriculum has a more sustainable, long term effect.  So in order to reach students in schools across the country we have developed the INNOVATION HOUR™ curriculum package for teachers!  Click here for all the details!

Custom Proposal:
We are always open to thinking outside the box!  Let us know what you are thinking and we can craft a proposal.

Did someone say field trip?
Bring your class to us and do an INNOVATION HOUR at the Roots + Wings Creative Campus!

We offer unique INNOVATION HOUR™ field trip experiences for school students, community organizations, and businesses off site at our Roots + Wings Creative Campus.  Located at 573 Fairview Road in Oakley, our Creative Campus is convenient to all of Asheville! 

During the school day:  Mondays or Fridays from 1:15-2:15pm
After the school day:  Mondays and Tuesdays from 4-5pm

If you would like to bring our INNOVATION HOUR™ to your school or come to our R+W Creative Campus, please connect with us below to set up a time to meet!

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