At Roots + Wings School of Art and Design we value the opportunity to help guide and inspire other artists, educators and lovers of all things creative!

Roots + Wings offers professional internship opportunities on an ongoing basis. Internships can be tailored to the individual's interest, availability, and educational requirements. Typically an intern will work 40-120 total hours over the course of 3-4 months under the supervision of Roots + Wings staff. While many interns are students, enrollment in a college or university is not required. Spring, fall, and summer terms are available. 

Application Deadline: Rolling deadline
Positions: See below
Timeframe: 40-120 hours over 3-4 months/ flexible

About roots + wings

Roots + Wings School of Art and Design nurtures and encourages the natural creativity within people of all ages through innovative art and design education, community collaboration, and a focus on both local and global impact.

Roots + Wings Creative Campus is located in the Oakley neighborhood on Fairview Road in Asheville.  Among many other programs offered on site at our R+W Creative Campus, we also run after-school programs off site at Vance, Claxton and Asheville Primary Elementary Schools.

internship Description

All Roots + Wings interns join our team under one of the following positions. Each intern is responsible for individual projects related to their position as well as general staff and organizational support.

Roots + Wings is dedicated to working with interns to meet their learning goals and objectives around academic learning, career development, skill development and personal development during their internship.

Interns will have the opportunity to learn first hand about:

  • Classroom management techniques for groups of 12-16 kids for various ages.

  • Planning and implementation of art and design lessons for various ages.

  • Marketing and promotion of programs and classes.

  • Working with a variety of different art materials and mediums with various ages.

  • Classroom structure and format.

  • Teaching strategies including both structured and planned learning and self-directed learning in different settings for various ages.

Internship positions

We offer internship positions in the following areas:

Art + Design Education Intern: An intern in this position will gain a variety of direct experience in facilitating visual art and design education and engagement experiences for Roots + Wings After-school Community Design Labs or for our Visual Arts Preschool programs.

Community Engagement Intern: An intern in this position will gain hands on experience working and supporting creative art and design activities at different community non-profit organizations and festivals and events that Roots + Wings is invited to run and attend.

Summer Art + Design Education Intern: Summer Interns have the opportunity to work hands on with children ages 3 - 14 during our Summer Creativity Camps.  To work with us to receive college credit, we ask for a 3-week minimum commitment.  Summer interns will gain a variety of direct experience helping to facilitate art and design education activities as well as supporting outside time, snacks preparation, and set up / clean up. 

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