First Friday Teen making lab

Come with your fellow siblings, friends or just by yourself to spend time creating. Every first Friday we will be making something different. Each night will end with a specific thing you can make and take home or you can experiment and explore with the materials.  We provide all the materials. And, again – have we mentioned that there is NO experience required!
Please arrive no later than 7:30, Making Lab will be cancelled if there are no attendees by 7:30.

Ages 12-18 / 7-9:00pm
$10 per person

March 2 - Creative Reuse - plastic bags

April 6 - Creative Reuse - egg cartons

May 4 - Creative Reuse - natural materials

June 1 - Creative Reuse - natural dyes

You CAN register ahead OR you can just DROP IN and pay when you arrive! 


Saturday Family making labs

Come with your family (grown up, adult, caregiver, siblings) and spend time creating and being challenged! Every third Saturday of the month there will be a new challenge. When you arrive your family will be given a box filled with supplies for you to use to complete the challenge collaboratively.  No experience required!

Third Saturdays, drop in anytime between 10-12pm

$5 per participating family member ($30 maximum)

March 17 - Make a musical Instrument

April 21 - Make a movie poster and the award it will receive

May 19 - Make a miniature building

June 16 - Make a game



Hosting a visitor that wants a unique Asheville experience? Or, have you and your friends or family ever wanted to spend a few hours creating together - but need a jumping off point?  Here’s your chance.  Our Custom Making Labs can be adapted for many situations:

  • Individuals / Families / Friends / Date Nights
  • Girls / Boys Nights Out
  • Weekend Conferences / Retreats
  • Pre or Post-Wedding Events

Join us for a customized artistic experience!  Bring yourself, a group of friends or even your family!  All of our programming is available for any combination of ages, abilities and group sizes.  Groups are welcome to bring drinks and/or food to help nourish while they work!

We can create a FULLY customized experience (meeting with you to choose mediums, subjects, themes, etc), or If choices are better, you can choose from the following projects: 

  • Printmaking:  Participants will create individual collograph plates, and print them onto multiple surfaces, including one large collaborative materials for the host to keep!
  • Collage, chalk and encaustic:  Participants will create individual mixed media works using collage and chalk pastel, with a final coat of encaustic wax medium.
  • Altered books:  Participants will work with a collection of old books to cut, tear, drill and otherwise alter them into a new state of 3-dimensional sculpture!
  • NONE of the above project require ANY previous artistic experience...ANYONE can do this!!!!

Hosts can bring food and drink and enjoy celebrating together.  2 to 4 hour reservation time slots with group costs listed below:  (call us for larger group pricing)

$25 non-refundable reservation fee

2 hours - $35 per person (2-8 people) / $25 (9-20 people)

3 hours - $40 per person (2-8 people) / $30 (9-20 people)

4 hours - $45 per person (2-8 people) / $35 (9-20 people)

If you are looking for a one-on-one custom lesson, please visit our Art + Design Studios page and scroll on down to read about customized options!

Please connect with us below to ask questions or to set up a time to meet to create your own making lab!

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