Roots + Wings Team

We have an amazing group of   dedicated teaching artists who make   our programs incredibly strong.

You will find them teaching at our Visual Arts Preschool, After-school Community Design Lab programs, Art + Design Semester Programs, Art Workshops, and our Summer Creative Camps and Design Studios. Many of these artists are also available to teach Custom Art Sessions or Art Birthday Celebrations. 

If you are interested in being a part of our team as a substitute or to teach a class, please scroll down and connect with us!

Ginger Huebner, Director


Ginger Huebner is the founding director of Roots + Wings School of Art and Design. With a Masters in Teaching Visual Art and a Bachelor of Architecture, Ginger brings a unique perspective to the field of art and design education. She has taught a wide spectrum of ages in a variety of environments. She also has her own studio practice, creating works of art using the mediums of collage, chalk pastel, encaustic and other mixed media. Ginger thrives on doing commissioned work. She has collaborated with individuals, agencies and companies to provide unique pieces of artwork. Ginger’s work can be seen at K2 Home in downtown Asheville, PonShop Studios in Fredricksburg, VA and at her studio by appointment. She lives in Asheville with her husband Scott and two children, Mia and Felix.

Emma Berger-Singer


Emma graduated from Warren Wilson College with a B.A in Elementary Education. She has gained a variety of teaching experiences in Asheville over the last three years. From her student teaching in a traditional public school to an eclectic bi-lingual Montessori pre-school. She is always searching for new and exciting ways to teach and connect with children. Emma has always had a passion for the arts. While attending Warren Wilson she worked in the art department where she ran the Photography Darkroom and has also experimented with a handful of different mediums. Emma is an advocate for art education. She feels teaching through art gives children a means to express themselves and their intellect in a way that they may otherwise not be able. With the focus of education now being towards standardized testing she believes, more then ever, that a space needs to be provided where children have the option to be creative, imaginative and innovative.  Emma is a lead teacher for our Visual Arts Preschool.



Isabel Bowser graduated from Alfred University with a BFA in Visual Art and a minor in Dance. She discovered her love of working with kids as a counselor at Friends Camp, a Quaker summer camp in Maine. She worked there for five consecutive summers with kids ranging in age from seven to seventeen. At Friends Camp she was able to integrate her art and dance education into programming for the campers. The camp’s core values of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, and Equality stuck with her and continue to inform the way she works with children today. After moving to Asheville in October of 2016, Isabel fell madly in love with the landscape, people, and art of this mountain town. She has continued to make her own art in the form of poetry, song, and dance. She dances as often as she possibly can and studies movement forms such as West African dance, Butoh, Contact Improvisation, Tai Chi, and Modern dance. She strongly believes in a full-body, intuitive creativity and the power of all forms of art to transform and connect us.  Isabel is a lead teacher for our After-school Community Design Lab at Vance.

Elise Brady


Elise’s grandfather’s photo collection first sparked her interest in photography. His photos not only captured the singular moments but world together her entire family story. She initially started photographing families and children with a 35mm camera and black-and-white film in the mid 90s. She was fortunate enough to be mentored  by Richard Stromberg at the Chicago photography center where she learned to process and develop film in the dark room. In 2004 she participated in her first gallery show. Since her transition to digital photography in 2005 her passion is capturing the spirit of children using natural light and the organic backdrops found in nature. She has spent more than two decades photographing many magnificent travels especially in Europe and in recent years she has developed an interest in landscape photography.  
At 50 years old she made the bold decision to give up my Midwestern home where she lived outside of Chicago for most of her life. She also decided, after a very long hiatus, to go back to teaching young children. She has a degree in Education from Indiana University and feels especially fortunate to be a teaching artist at Roots and Wings. She has also taught yoga to preschoolers and is blessed to be the mother of two fabulous adult children!  Elise is an assistant in our Visual Arts Preschool program.

Elizabeth Callahan


Our amazing Social Media Manager. AND…


Chris Corral

chris photo.JPG

Chris graduated from Western Carolina University with a Bachelors of Fine Art and a concentration in Painting.  He has 10+ years of experience in teaching art to K-8th grade students as well as having taught privately.  Originally from West Texas his interest in art led him to teaching. He explores themes of heritage, Day of the Dead, crypto-zoology and imagination in his own work.  Chris understands and has practiced “TAB” choice studio aka “teaching artistic behavior” choice studio in his own teaching. This has informed his teaching style in which artists have the opportunity to explore and experiment with process and materials and ultimately make their own choices. He believes that art and creating utilizes and re-enforces all the skills and knowledge learned in school. Chris enjoys living in the mountains with his wife Michele, son Kaius and daughter Mila. He continues painting and drawing and exploring all mediums. He is a lead teacher for our After-school Community Design Lab program at Claxton.

Grace Eaton

Our world lost Grace Eaton on July 5, 2016 following a brief but brave struggle with cancer.  As a member of the Roots + Wings extended family, Grace will remain in our hearts and by our sides as her passion and love always made our little corner of the world more beautiful.
Grace Eaton lived in Asheville since 2002, when she moved here to attend UNCA. She has a BA in Studio Art with a concentration in figure drawing, as well as her elementary teaching license. Grace always considered herself a lifelong student of the visual arts as well as various styles of dance. She also had a love for art history and the inspiration that can be gained from current and historical figures and their works. She volunteered and taught in area schools with preschool to high school aged students. She dabbled in everything from glass blowing to letterpress printing to classical portraiture. However, over her last few years she had narrowed her focus to primarily creating block prints, paper cuts and works of narrative illustration. Her pieces were often inspired by her fascination with classic folktales. Grace always enjoyed experimenting with new mediums and ideas, and particularly loved sharing this process with young people. She was often found at home making messy art with her son Atticus.  She was one of our lead teachers for our After-school Community Design Lab at Claxton Elementary School.

Margaret Ellis

margarte 2.jpg

Margaret is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, with a B.F.A. in Photography. After moving to Asheville 3 years ago Margaret started her own business making pottery and photography. 

Margaret participated in after-school care as a child that focused on art and creativity. This experience has lead her to want to give back to the Asheville community, and work with kids in the Roots + Wings program. When she’s not working, Margaret enjoys rock climbing, reading, and relaxing!

She is a lead teacher for our After-school Community Design Lab program at Claxton.

Katy Elmore


Katy is originally from West Virginia.  She received her degree in studio art and art education from Concord University. While obtaining her degree she was exposed to several mediums and has a diverse interest.  She is truly passionate about art and enjoys instructing students of all ages.  She has been teaching for over seven years to students ranging in ages from 5 to 50.  Whether you are a beginner or have invested years into your medium, she would love to work with you!

When Katy is not working she loves soaking up everything Asheville has to offer. Between floating down the various rivers or hiking the numerous peaks off the Blue Ridge, she is always on the go. She normally drags her partner and their 3 dogs along for the adventure.  They moved here in 2017 and have loved becoming part of the Asheville community and calling the area home. Katy teaches our Art + Design Classes and Custom lessons and workshops.

Tonya Harwood


Tonya’s has years of experience teaching art, from preschool to middle school aged students. Her experiences have been in public and private schools, as well as homeschooling her own three children. She loves helping a child see and discover something new and amazing. She believes young children learn so much from play and from getting the encouragement to try, and is excited to be a part of our Visual Arts Preschool which fosters and supports that kind of learning. Tonya loves to paint and cook, and get in some trail running on the weekends. She and her husband have three kids and a dog and have lived in the Asheville area for 13 years. They love this city, especially the art and music…and the mountains too.  Tonya is a lead teacher for our Visual Arts Preschool, and also teaches our Art + Design Classes and Custom lessons and workshops.


Joy Hof is a local artist and art teacher. She was born and raised in a small town in Ga but moved to Asheville in 2011 where she studied and graduated from UNCA with a BA in painting. After graduating she has taught in a Montessori School where she started an art program for pre-k-k students. She also has her own art teaching business where she teaches group lessons at a local Barn and farm property out in Fletcher. She has taught at an afterschool art program as well. She also was the mural artist for 2 years and completed the work on the hallway walls and treatment room at the Mission Children's Hospital. She is passionate about renewing the human spirit by using creativity and teaching others to explore the creativity that they have within them. She loves to paint in her basement studio and to be creative in other ways including playing her guitar, arts and crafts, card making, decorating, and cooking. She also loves exploring the great outdoors , paddle boarding and would consider herself an avid hiker. She also values and loves her friends, family, chickens, little cottage in the country, and her fluffy kitty. She is currently working on a series of aerial view landscapes that she will have in a gallery in town.  She is a lead teacher for our After-school Community Design Lab program at Asheville Primary.

Rebekah Linton


Originally from Southern California, Rebekah has only recently moved to Asheville from Chicago where she received a BA in Community Art from Wheaton College and worked in art education, childcare, and graphic design. Throughout her experiences working with children she has been amazed at their capacity for learning, problem-solving, and innovating. Her mission is to help children exceed societal expectations and excel in all areas by developing internal resources such as confidence, hope and creativity through strategic and collaborative art projects. Her art education heroes are Sister Corita Kent and Tim Rollins. She is thrilled to be living in mountains again and is most encouraged and inspired by plants, animals and wild landscapes. Rebekah is a lead teacher for our Visual Arts Preschool.

Lilly-anne merat


Lilly attended Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY, where she studied music, art history, fine arts, education and creative writing. Born and raised in Sag Harbor, NY, she moved to Asheville in 2013 to pursue a career as a musician and educator. Lilly believes that music and arts education are essential to child development. When given the freedom to express and create, children gain the courage to explore and discover. The skills that children acquire when given this creative platform are invaluable. In addition to music, art and education, Lilly is also passionate about food, wellness and travel. She has traveled her whole life and is fascinated with the fact that music, art and food can defy language barriers and bridge all types of different cultures. She believes that learning through cultural immersion is one of the most successful teaching tools and continues to self-educate in this manner whenever possible. Lilly also loves to be in nature, whether it be hiking through the mountains or swimming in the ocean. Lilly is our preschool music specialist and teaches community music and art programming at our Creative Campus.

jeannie regan


Jeannie graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Fine Art (Sculpture), and an Advanced Diploma in Business Management from William Angliss, in Melbourne Australia. Originally from Hong Kong, her travels have inspired a life long interest in culture and identity, and how art shapes and records the human experience.

A stint in women's roller derby as a skater and league administrator allowed her to travel around Australia and the United States, eventually leading her to settle in Los Angeles. She drew on the skills she learned both on and off the track to work as a marketing operative and event coordinator, with a focus on conventions and broadcast events.

As part of her evolving art practice Jeannie teaches weaving and fiber art and she especially appreciates the reciprocal learning relationship that grows from exploring new approaches to fiber art with established fiber craft practitioners. Jeannie is our all around team cheerleader and sounding board!


Eliana pic.JPG

Eliana is a recent graduate of Appalachian State University where she received her BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in Printmaking and a minor in Dance Studies. Eliana is an artist who works primarily in Printmaking and Ceramics where she explores themes of heritage and identity.  She had been creating art for as long as she could remember but Eliana began working with children in high school. She worked at the Sawtooth School for the Visual Arts as an assistant in the Printmaking courses for teen camps and most recently has finished up her Summer Residency at Odyssey ClayWorks which involved assisting kids camps. Eliana has discovered the love and joy that creating art can bring and she wishes to share that with others. She enjoys working with children because of their honest and open views of the world. Eliana still continues her two passions of creating art and teaching.  Eliana is a lead teacher with our Roots + Wings After-School Community Design Lab program at Asheville Primary School as well as an administrative assistant in our R+W office - and MANY among other things - is the coordinator for our After-school CDL programming.

Abby Shuler


Abby has a B.A in International Studies from the College of Charleston, with experience and expertise in youth development in more than one country. Her interest in art education began while studying in India, where she realized the universality and power of the relationship between young children and art, no matter what language they spoke. She moved to Asheville from Charleston, SC at the end of 2014 and has since joined the local crusade for arts education. When introduced to a young child, making unique works of art can bring about new levels of individuality, courage, creativity, and self-awareness that are difficult to attain by such a young age. Abby is excited to be bringing these opportunities to the students of Roots + Wings and watching them grow at individuals, as well as helping to nourish the presence and influence of community arts in the greater Asheville area through community partnerships and events.  Abby is our R+W Outreach Coordinator as well as an assistant for our Visual Arts Preschool.



Jess is a librarian, artist and Relaxing Lady. Her work, including field recordings, puppet shows, collections of items, zines, and the occasional knitted object, touches on questions of ecology, community, history, mortality and archival practices. Inspired by library projects like the Reanimation Library (Brooklyn) and the Prelinger Library (San Francisco) as well as her experience as Programming Coordinator for the Read/Write Library (Chicago), she began collection development for the Relaxing Lady’s Library after moving to Chicago in 2010. Jess performs with her husband Peter under the name, The Speers, primarily creating live improvisations with their collections of LPs and modular synthesizers to find the hypnotic patterns hidden in ordinary sounds. After heading up the children’s department of a public library where she was occasionally able to do art with kids, Jess is an assistant for our Visual Arts Preschool and official R+W librarian.

Meredith Tibjash


Meredith is a creative soul with a love for learning. They received a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Bowling Green State University, with a focus on jewelry and metalsmithing. A passion for knife making drove them to spend seven months traveling Europe seeking bladesmiths to work with, and attending metalsmithing conferences as part of an artist residency at the University for the Creative Arts in England. Upon returning to the States, Meredith developed creative curriculum to incorporate metalworking and more hands-on skills for preschool students at the Music Settlement in Cleveland, Ohio, where they taught for two years. The capacity children have for creativity, and the joy they show for learning new things is what keeps Meredith inspired. Meredith is new to the Asheville area, and is in the process of setting up a studio to pursue metalsmithing and woodworking, and complete custom projects. Meredith is a lead teacher for our After-school Community Design Lab at Vance Elementary School location.

Tricia Ward

Tricia is a native of Weaverville, North Carolina. She continues to make her home here with her daughter. She received her Bachelors of Science Degree in Accounting from Meredith College. She has practiced in both public and private accounting but finds she enjoys the private industry better. With 20 years of experience, she is excited to be a part of our team here at Roots + Wings and share her number crunching talents. 


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