Professional Development

Our director, Ginger Huebner, offers Professional Development and Education Consulting experiences that open up new possibilities for teachers and schools everywhere.

Join Ginger on January 24 for this exciting professional development event with PBS Kids:

Learning with PBS KIDS: Exploring Arts & Creativity with Pinkalicious and Peteriffic


A free, teacher professional development event centered around arts, creativity

You are invited to view the live stream and stay for an after-panel discussion with Ginger Huebner, Visual Arts Education Consultant and director of Roots & Wings School of Art and Design, and three other panelists, on Wednesday 24th January at 7pm at the Roots & Wings Creative Campus at 573 Fairview Road in Asheville.

Participants must register with PBS to get Professional Development credit for the event

Here’s a link to the event

Send a text us at 828-545-4827 to RSVP that you will be attending the live stream and after panel discussion


It is no secret that by encouraging and developing imagination, creativity, innovation, critical thinking and intuition, students are better equipped to thrive in life.  There are many ways teachers can integrate art and design-thinking modalities within their classroom experiences to ensure students are fully engaged in their subject and to help students feel more successful and excited about learning. 

Professional Development

Ginger Huebner's approach to Professional Development and Consulting Programs for teachers go way beyond suggesting creative exercises.  She efficiently and effectively ground teachers’ learning in the principles of design-thinking and integration of art and design to curriculum through hands-on experiences.  Participants experience the power of process, explore the many tools that could be added to their repertoire and engage their own creative voices.  

Ginger work with schools from pre-k through high school, offering workshops on site at a school, at the Roots + Wings Creative Campus at 573 Fairview Road in Asheville, or virtually.  She also has individual or group consulting opportunities for more specific concerns or challenges - visit her website for more! 

Your teaching team can customize a workshop, or choose from our option already created (see below).  Workshops can be planned for one or two grade levels or an entire school team.  Ginger can create our activities to relate to a specific subject or grade, or keep it broad so that all grade levels can participate and be inspired!  All of our workshops can be extended for a longer experience, but we recommend at least two hours to start. 

$150 / hour (0-15 participants)    
$150/ hour (16-20 participants)    
$200 / hour (21-25 participants)

Ginger can work with small or larger groups creating an experience your team will not forget!  Visit Ginger Huebner's website to learn more about her philosophy and approach to Education consulting.

Here are our offerings (remember we can always create a customized workshop for your team):

Engaging our Creativity through Design
Suggested Grade Levels: Pre-k to 12
This workshop offers a hands-on overview of various art and design mediums providing a foundation for exploring how to integrate art and design thinking into the classroom.  We will draw, paint, print, and sculpt individually and in groups.  Discussions will follow about how these tools can be used to weave into curriculum.  All materials are included.    

Structured Freedom: Visual art as a creative learning tool for early childhood educators
Suggested Grade Levels: Early childhood, Pre-k and Kindergarten
We will introduce a Structured Freedom process that raises the expectation of ability for our youngest students– resulting in powerful creative, cognitive and emotional growth.  We will walk through techniques for set up, working and clean up AND how projects can be integrated into your curriculum.

Connect with us below to ask questions or schedule a time to plan your workshop.

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