Teacher Training

Our director, Ginger Huebner, offers teacher training experiences that open up new possibilities for teachers and schools everywhere.

Ginger Huebner's approach to teacher training goes way beyond suggesting creative exercises.  Her overarching goal is to nourish the educator, giving them permission to alter their own education mindset.  She efficiently and effectively ground teachers’ learning in the principles of design-thinking and integration of art and design to curriculum through hands-on experiences.  Ginger truly revolutionizes attitudes to curriculum planning and the classroom environment by helping teachers develop an education philosophy that places creativity at its core that.  Participants experience the power of process, explore the many tools that could be added to their repertoire and engage their own creative voices. 

Ginger works with schools from pre-k through high school, offering training workshops on site at your school, at the Roots + Wings Creative Campus at 573 Fairview Road in Asheville, or virtually. 

Ginger is also available for individual or group consulting opportunities for more specific concerns or challenges or on an ongoing consultancy basis, and can serve as needed as an advisor to boards or core teams. Visit our specific Curriculum Consulting page for more information.

Your teaching team can customize a workshop, or choose from our options below.  Workshops can be planned for one or two grade levels or an entire school team.  Ginger can focus the workshop to relate to a specific subject or grade, or keep it broad so that all grade levels can participate and be inspired!  All of our workshops can be extended for a longer experience, but we recommend at least two hours to start. 

$150 / hour (0-15 participants)    
$175/ hour (16-20 participants)    
$200 / hour (21-25 participants)

Connect with us below to ask questions or schedule a time to plan your workshop.

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