We cherish our relationships with the families we work with! Hear what they have to say!

My daughter’s experience at Roots + Wings School of Art helped build her confidence, not only with the art mediums, but also helped build skills in listening to a teacher and social interaction with her peers.
— Michelle, Art + Design Studios parent
Roots & Wings Summer Art Camp exceeded all expectations! What incredible project to work on. My daughter, Kate, 6, had the opportunity to work in new mediums and her creativity and individuality were encouraged. Melissa, her instructor created a nurturing environment that allowed Kate to feel comfortable to create and explore the depths of her imagination. We will definitely be signing up for more sessions!
— Karen, Summer Art Camp parent
At Roots + Wings, my son gets individual attention and loving validation of his interests, which makes all the difference. The space is cheerful and clean and safe. It’s hard to get my son to leave at the end of the preschool day!
— Alana, Visual Arts Preschool parent
You should frame all of my art!
— Sadie, student at Art + Design Studios
Our son had so much fun at preschool this week and this morning he decided to make kindness jars for our household…so sweet and I can’t say enough how excited we are that he’s at R+W!
Thank you for all that you do for the kids!
— Visual Arts Preschool parent
R+W CDL is probably one of the only programs I’ve really felt obliged to revisit. We always got to do something new, help out with big projects, and hang with friends, old and new. I never get bored of it, and I must say it is probably one of the only things that can make a Monday bearable for me. Ya’ll better be back next year!
— Oliver Gaines, 7th grade, student at After School Community Design Lab
I remember when I first came to the Community Design Lab. I was very insecure with this program. I didn’t know if this was going to be a good class because I didn’t like painting or making sculptures, until I got here. I came, and was nicknamed, loved, and showed great respect. I haven’t been here every day but within the days I was here I had the best experience of my life and now I pick up a brush and paint.
— Zayna Buckholtz, 8th grade, student at After School Community Design Lab
It was fun and I really enjoyed it J. I have changed a lot since my first day of this program. I mean a lot.
— Ny’Eacha Johnson, 7th grade, student at After School Community Design Lab
When we walked out of Roots & Wings on Friday (after you all built the cup tower), my daughter told me, “Mom, I couldn’t be happier!” Wow! And Thank you! I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to know that my girl is happy and that she’s doing creative, cool things at after-school. Thank you!
— Amy, After-school Community Design Lab parent
Ginger’s school is the best thing that’s happened for our son. He has learned so much and everyday he is so proud of what he has created or learned. Most of all, he LOVES going to school. Ginger is thoughtful and intentional about her curriculum and is an amazing teacher. We are so lucky to have her and Roots and Wings in our community!!
— Caroline, Visual Arts Preschool parent
One of my favorite things about Roots and Wings is their recognition of the importance of communication. I love that the current learning topics are on display in the classroom and that we receive weekly updates about what they have done and what our child’s favorite activity was. I know that my child is being more than prepared for kindergarten and beyond.
— Ashley Cloninger, Visual Arts Preschool parent
We are all fortunate that Asheville offers so many wonderful and diverse preschool options for our children. The warmth and energy of Roots + Wings School of Art Preschool program still manages to set itself apart. Our three year old daughter simply thrives in this program that nurtures + challenges her through creative exploration and hands on learning. At first is was difficult for us to drop off such a young child – but the stories and smiles that she is eager to share after each day of school reassures us of our decision to send her to Roots + Wings and that she is on her way to becoming a creative, compassionate, and independent person.
— Kathryn Blatt Ancaya, Visual Arts Preschool parent
This is the second year our daughter, Sophia, has attended Roots and Wings preschool. She loves Roots and Wings and asks if it’s time to go to school every day, even on the weekends. When we take Sophia to preschool in the mornings, we leave her at preschool thinking to ourselves how lucky we are to have found such a great place for Sophia to learn. From art to yoga to Spansish to visiting African drummers to free play, the teachers at Roots and Wings foster and encourage learning and genuinely care for our daughter. Our family loves Roots and Wings!
— Jessica Bumgarner, Visual Arts Preschool parent
I love Roots + Wings, it’s my favorite part of school.
— Edgar, student at Claxton After School Community Design Lab