What: A summer program that connects kids 15-18 years of age who are serious about their art and design talent with local artists in their studios.  This program is aimed at students who want to explore and develop their skills and knowledge of their medium. It will offer a safe, engaging option for teens to push their talents to the next level.

When: Summer 2017.  Artists will work with students for 15 hours over their choice of either 1 week (M-F) or 5 weeks (once a week)...between the weeks of 6/12/17 – 7/31/17

Who: Local high school students, ages 15-18, and talented local artists.  Students must apply to work with a specific artist.  Applications due by April 30.  We will choose two students to be mentored by each artist, or group of artists (in the case of Studio 42L)

Where: Mentorships will take place at the artist’s studios or, if necessary, at the Roots + Wings Creative Campus. Students will also participate in two meetings together at Roots + Wings.

Cost: Sliding scale up to $300 per student.  We can offer full or partial scholarships.  

Apply now!  Scroll down to the Application form below.  We are FULL for the 2017 summer.   Check back with us in 2018 for new adventures!

Trek 6

Aerosol Murals


My intent as a mentor for Roots + Wings mentor program is to provide an in depth look at the aerosol medium and all the contemporary techniques involved in murals. Along with a hands on approach in the use of aerosol as a fine art medium , my intentions are also to show the students the history, culture and traditions of aerosol art and its many branches. Students will create works on canvas and wood while working with the aerosol medium and incorporating it into their current toolset and mode of expression.
Available dates: One solid week any time in June

Holly desaillan

Clay Sculpture   


For my week-long mentorship, we will be concentrating on hand building with clay, developing ideas in your sketchbook and researching information. This mentorship, depending on the goals of the student, may include slab, coil and pinch building as well as using moulds.  We will focus on both functional and sculptural techniques. We will work on basic glaze mixing, low to mid-range electric firing and the raku firing technique. Time permitting; we will visit other clay artists in the area. We will be working both at my rustic home studio and my studio at Pink Dog Creative in the River Arts District. This will be an intensive learning experience and a lot of fun.
Available dates:  July 20 - 29

brent skidmore

Wood Sculpture   


My studio practice at Grovewood gallery and studios is mostly based in the use of wood as medium while making both furniture and sculpture, but not very square and not very brown. Take a look at my website. During the week we will focus our time on sharing our challenges and dreams while learning to carve, burn, paint and assemble work. We will talk about the benefits and challenges of a life as an artist and educator. How to get there? What hard and rewarding work it can be? Part of the week will be spent completing work for an upcoming Blue Spiral 1 exhibition. I will invite the participant back in the fall to assist with the culmination and installation of the work at BS1. The week, if in June, will finish with outing to CreativeMornings Asheville.
Available dates:  June 26 - 30 or July 10 -14


Studio 42-L:  
Alicia Chatham
Spencer Herr
Kevin Palme
Fox Smith


As a collective of painters in both oils and acrylics, we will help guide and support students in creating their vision through this medium. It is our goal to work with the student to create a piece of work that challenges and deepens his/her growth as a painter. During the first session, we will discuss ideas the student has for their piece, and we will begin surface discussion and preparation. Each week following, the student will meet with one or more of the Studio 42-L artists and work hands on with their conceptual ideas, paint application, composition, and color choice. We believe that it is invaluable to have mentoring from different perspectives in art making, and that is only enhances the success of the students’ work. We also believe that art making is very process oriented, therefore there are many mistakes that lead to new pathways. The student will have a piece of work to expand upon once he/she finishes the session, and will be more confident in making choices with paint application, color use, proportion, and subject matter.

Available dates:  Once a week on Wednesdays between 9am - 12noon or 1 - 4pm in June or July

ginger huebner

Collage and Chalk


My work uses color, imagery and texture to translate and express the stories that are shared among all of us. Working with found images, text, the color of chalk pastel and occasionally encaustic medium, I capture moments that often transcend expression in mere words.  I do mostly commissioned work and look forward to sharing my process with my students to then see where they are able to take it.  We all have stories to tell, and I love the challenge of attempting to capture them visually.  I look forward to sharing my studio for not only the exploration of the creative process, but for the the conversations and connections that will be made, and the visual translations that will amazing us all.

Available dates:  June 26 - 30


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