connecting the ANDs community classes

connecting the ANDs community classes

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connecting the ANDs community classes bring weekly or monthly art and design programming to various Asheville after-school partners and nonprofit organizations. We work with numerous non-profit organizations to create opportunities, including Children First Communities in Schools, YWCA of Asheville, OpenDoors Asheville, Eliada, Arts for Life, Open Hearts and more.

During each session students explore history, literacy, and culture while practicing fine motor skills and design techniques to create a process-oriented piece of art of their own interpretation of the lesson for the day. Each session lasts 1 hour and occurs weekly or monthly, depending on the discretion of the partner program.

The experience of being a part of connecting the ANDs community classes will not only inspire youth to pursue creative careers in Asheville or elsewhere, but will also inspire the artists and partners involved to continue creating a greater Asheville culture that goes beyond status of wealth and class.

connecting the ANDs creativity camps


We also create opportunities for children from multiple organizations to come together for Creativity Camps. An example of a recent collaboration was with children from Arts For Life (art education for pediatric patients), Eliada (supporting high risk children and adolescents) and Roots + Wings. These camps offer opportunities to connect and inspire joy in each other through both individual and collaborative works. Like our other series, each of the participants receive a set of postcards of their collaborative work, with the simple goal that they will then send the postcards to friends and family - spreading our collective stories even further.

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Building confidence and self compassion through dynamic, accessible arts education with low-income students in the Asheville area each year:

  • 50+ hours with students ages 3-5 in the YWCA Early Learning Program

  • 40+ hours with students ages 5-10 living in the Pisgah View and Woodridge communities

  • 20+ hours with students ages 11-14 enrolled in the IRL afterschool program


Your support of our connecting the ANDs community classes, camps is made possibly by our amazing partner - the Asheville Area Arts Council- our fiscal sponsor for these outreach programs! Your donation will be processed and sent to us by the AAAC.

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The beginning of connecting the ANDs: Matanzas, Cuba

The beginning of connecting the ANDs: Matanzas, Cuba

The connecting the ANDs projects name (a thriving, multi-disciplinary adventure drawing together participants near and far) was originally developed by Ginger Huebner, our R+W Founding Director. She believes that understanding only comes through real connection.  As a visual artist with a background in architecture and education, Ginger’s art practice thrives on dialogue.  Her investigations have created a substantial body of work that examines the fragments of experience, place and circumstance that combine to create the essence of identity. Ginger’s architecture foundation - specifically the practice of working closely with clients in the creative process - and her training as an educator have steered her towards using her art practice as a conduit between communities, exploring and bridging the spaces between us.

Learn more about connecting the ANDs on Ginger’s website…
and how her work weaves in and out from her studio to Roots + Wings and back.