Please click below to link to our additional forms needed for the specific programs listed. They must be filled out in addition to your registration on Simply After-school site (found on each program page). 

Please scroll down to find our Medication and Allergy Forms or to review our General Roots + Wings Program Policies.


If your child has a medical condition, medicine that needs to be given or an allergy we should know about, please download these forms and return them to us by any of the following options:

  • email (scan or photograph them) to

  • our Dropbox outside Classroom 2 at our R+W Creative Campus

  • snail mail (573 Fairview Road, Suite 1, Asheville, NC  28803)

program forms

To fill out the additional Registration Forms follow the link, select your program(s) and fill the information out:


ACS Bus Transportation Form
All students attending our Asheville Primary location from either Vance or Hall Fletcher MUST fill out this form, and bring it to your child's home school office.

Credit Card Authorization Form

Please click above to download the form that will authorize us to charge your Credit/Debit Card each month for tuition for our Preschool or After-school programs. (this does not apply for other programming)

HOW TO GET THE FORM BACK TO US: you can drop it in our Drop Box at the R+W Creative Campus, email it to, snail mail it to 573 Fairview Road, Suite 1, Asheville, NC 28803


All of our programs have a start and end time.  Please respect these times.  Our instructors will not open doors early, as they are preparing for class until the class start time.  FOR EX: Arrival time is 2:30pm, departure time is 5:30pm.  We will charge a “$1.00 per minute for late - after 5:30pm” Yuu will automatically be invoiced for this amount. If efforts have been made to communicate a specific problem in arriving on time we may waive part of this fee. Families that are consistently late will not be considered for waiving the fee.

One month’s notice is required to withdraw your child from our school-programs, and two weeks from our weekly programs, without payment issue.  If one month prior is not possible, a full or partial tuition refund may be given if there are extenuating circumstances that require your child to be withdrawn from the program.  All refund requests will be considered on an individual basis.

If you child does not attend school due to illness, or is picked up early due to illness, he/she may not attend R+W Programs.  Any child developing symptoms of illness will be provided a separate quiet space to rest and the parents contacted immediately.  We have an expectation of an ill child to be picked up within 30 minutes of the parents being called.

Children with the following symptoms or signs of illness should not attend the program for 24 hours:
1.    Fever over 100 degrees.
2.    Diarrhea or vomiting
3.    Any contagious illness such as strep, chicken pox, head lice, conjunctivitis, excessive cold symptoms and coughing, etc.
4.    Any rash that is unexplained or contagious
We know how clogged email in-boxes can become, but we use email to communicate about all sorts of things – canceled classes, school year program schedules, reminders, payments, forms, etc. – but often get frantic calls and texts asking for information about the things we just emailed about.  Please be sure to register on Simply Afterschool with an email that you check daily.


We make our best efforts to be open even when weather takes a turn for the worst!  BUT sometimes we do have to cancel classes.  If we need to cancel programming we will put on the ‘Weather Updates’ page of our website: AND our social media sites (Facebook and Instagram).

Canceling Once-a-week classes (Art + Design Studios, Adult Classes, etc):  We do our best to make up these classes by adding to the end of the series if we can, but please understand that sometimes it is not possible.

Canceling Visual Arts Preschool:  We do our best not to cancel, but if we feel it is necessary for the safety of our staff or other reasons, we will not add additional days, or make up days.  If we miss more than 6 days of programming for preschool due to weather, we can refund those days missed (beyond 6) if requested.

Canceling After-school Community Design Lab programs:  We will follow the ACS and BCS closures for all program locations. We will not add additional days, or make up days, as the public schools add days back to make up for these days.  If we miss more than 6 days of programming for after-school due to weather, we can refund those days missed (beyond 6) if requested.


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