Middle School After School Community Design Lab

Our Community Design Lab Collaborations is devoted to programming focused on art and design for community change. We help students explore different art and design mediums that can also benefit their own school campus and community.  Our schedule changes from year to year, If you are interested in having our Community Design Lab Collaborations come to your school – please give us a shout below!

irl at Asheville Middle School

We love and support Asheville Middle School's irl program!  We are, however, not offering programming for the 2018-19 school year.  But will be back in 2019-20!  In the meantime - check out all that they are offering here!

If you have a group of middle schoolers that  we could customize an experience (or series of experiences), get in touch with us!  Fill out our form below...

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Past Collaborations

Asheville Middle SChool

We have collaborated with Brent Skidmore’s ART 310 students at UNC Asheville on multiple occasions with Asheville Middle School’s IRL program. 

We worked with students to design and install a mural in the Randolph Learning Center (currently Isaac Dickson Elementary's temporary location)

We worked with artist's Ian Wilkinson and Alex Irvin on the large scale mural project on the facade of Hall Fletcher Elementary school.  Our students from AMS and UNC Asheville helped reproduce and glaze ALL of the tiles that are installed, as well as helped finish up some of the painted pieces that were installed. 

We worked at the Roots + Wings Creative Campus creating original artwork to be installed in the new Asheville Middle School building.

erwin middle school

We collaborated with Brent Skidmore’s ART 310 students at UNC Asheville with the Art Club at Irwin Middle school to create an installation of collage and mixed media pieces in the auditorium.  Students created over 90 individual pieces!


We worked with Enka Middle School in collaboration with the YMCA of WNC.  Our Roots + Wings Community Design Lab explored Mandalas using clay and mosaic techniques. 

Our teaching artist Holly worked with students on designs that ultimately led to individual mosaic mandalas that were installed on site on the west patio area.

We also with students to develop ideas for a temporary installation somewhere inside the school walls.  Students decided to use inspiration from Hot Air Balloons, which are commonly seen locally in this region. They worked in teams to collaborate and create three different hot air balloon designs, all using recycled materials.




Our 2014 spring session was inspired by an exhibition at the Art Museum full of some really great examples of Cyanotypes.  A cyanotype is a photographic printing process that involves coating paper with chemicals and objects/imagery and when exposed to ultraviolet light the paper turns a steel-grey-blue color, but whatever object is placed on the paper during exposure remains white.

We are experimenting with making them using natural, human made objects; as well as with imagery that they create that is transferred onto transparencies.  Students are making individual works as well as a group collaborative project that will be exhibited on campus at AMS.